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Dear fans and friends,

Hello to everyone! Time passes so fast for me, I don't get around to writing often. But, I'm really busy, so I guess that's good!

I want to thank you all who have supported our "Cowboy Church." It has been a tremendous success! Better than I could have ever wished for. We still have our service with lots of country gospel music every Sunday morning at 10:30. God has really blessed us with it in every way. Our attendance is unbelieveable. We had to turn people away last week. If that keeps up, we'll be doing two services before long. Also, we have been greatly blessed, financially. We're able to pay our bills without any trouble. Although, we are still putting everything back into the church and not drawing a salary. Thanks again!

We feel like the Lord sent us this show. We had to limit our income by cutting out traveling shows to stay home and do Cowboy Church, and He has given us something more to do here in Branson. Ain't God Good!

I certainly invite you all to come to Branson as soon as you can and see us. I always love to see my wonderful fans and friends. You all are special to me.

I love you very much!


Norma Jean


Every Sunday - 10:30am
God & Country Theater
Hwy. 76
Branson, MO

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